Danya Vodovoz – Motion Machine [ Full Album ]

His latest album Motion Machine features waves of sounds to keep you moving. Starting with the bouncy opener „Venice“ to the floating, wavy closer „The Sauce“, Motion Machine services your soul with extended breaks and rhythms that recharge and reenergize.
Read more at https://earmilk.com/2018/03/15/danya-vodovoz-releases-new-album-motion-machine-exclusive/#LJsxGmPZrK3cQqtK.99

Generating my memory

One of my former projects called „Anthrazit“

Anthrazit is a multi talent. He is a painter, a full blood musician, a person who develops concepts and likes to disguise himself, taking on other personalities.
His music is so colourful that it paints our black and while imaginations with bright colours.

„Synthetic Times“ is a romantic tale of a robot who expresses his feelings through a vocoder voice. Voiced operational sequences meet an electro feeling which turns into disco or rather Italy disco. It is a sexy affair which Anthrazit is executing here… a bit of an adventure… timeless… detached from trends… Reiley Reinhold

„Synthetic Times“ official video


Contruction video of the Robot by Anthrazit.
Kit for print here: http://vodovoz.de/data/Anthrazit_robot_kit.pdf

My open letter to Soundcloud

I like the classic soundcloud and it works best for me because it is very clear.

The new soundcloud design looks quite confusing and overloaded in my opinion.

The change from soundclouds classic design to the new design reminds me a bit of what myspace did a few years ago.

Getting used to something that you like working with isn`t a bad thing.

Any change in a known and loved environment should be subtle. A massive change – even with good intetions in mind – also causes chaos and offends people as a side effect.

Danya Vodovoz