Our music in your films

We are really glad that you use our music in so many creative ways! In this video, we have assembled a few clips from YouTubers and companies that feature our music in their ads and films. The music on our channel is FREE FOR NON-COMMERCIAL USE to help create more amazing videos and for your listening pleasure.

Here are a few notes to keep things fair for everyone: Royalty Free Licensing: If you are a private person and you would like to use this track in your own podcast or videocast (no monetization!), just add: Vodovoz Music Productions and a link to this video in your description.

If you would like to use our music in company and business ads or in monetized videos, then you would need to purchase a Commercial License from our Bandcamp page https://vodovoz.bandcamp.com You will find individual links to the licenses of every song in the description box under each video!

Feel free to contact us for a Commercial Web License or any other license: contact@vodovoz.de
By the way, here is an interesting article if you’re not sure what royalty-free music really means: http://vodovoz.de/category/what-is-royalty-free-music/