El Topo

The song, „El Topo“, is partially inspired by the films of David Lynch and Alejandro Jodorowsky. Danya Vodovoz used Jodorowsky’s film „El Topo“, for the name of the song, since he could imagine his music as an imaginary soundtrack of this nearly forgotten masterpiece. The unusual structure and rhythm of the track were developed by jamming to a vinyl record playing the rhythmic noise of the lead out groove, in combination with an old guitar loop from an eight-track tape recorder. This all happened spontaneously after a night of partying at Danya’s studio. Director’s note (Juan Garnica): „The story takes on many roles and it is intended to not be understood easily. In the video, we wanted to show a little bit of irony that a rather newer-looking vehicle would break down in the middle of nowhere. As she begins walking, she finds a pair of reading glasses. The glasses symbolize that she needs to clearly see what lies ahead of her and she needs to see the reason why she’s in the middle of nowhere for no specific reason. She sees a man holding the same pair of reading glasses nodding his head as if to say, “Yes, you are seeing me.” She continues walking and finds a plastic horse, the horse symbolizes her mobility through the desert. As she continues hiking, she finds a book, and open it to the poem that tells her that she’s been home all along.

Location: Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas

Director: Juan Garnica

Actress: Azusena Saray